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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Golf is a game of gentlemen and ladies of high integrity. Therefore the Golf etiquette and rules dictate a strict restrained style of dressing, respect for the partners and opponents and respect of the field (Golf Course).

The Golf Club intends to provide scenic pleasure and comfort in game. In order to keep the Golf Courses in good condition, as well as for safety convenience and comfort the rules of the Club must always be observed.

Etiquette is not only an integral part of Golf tradition but is as well connected to safety.

In order to always be welcome on field try as quickly as possible to get acquainted with the etiquette.


General rules:

All Guests are advised to reserve services of the club in advance. This will give priority to the service. Guests who visit the Club without prior reservation can use the available services.

Reservations can be made 12 hours in advance. Cancellation of the booked club services should be made as soon as possible.

All Guests during the first visit to the Club are required to read the rules of the Club and fill out a form.


In case of systematic or gross (threat to the safety of people or damage to the field) violation of the Rules, the Club reserves the right to suspend the services.

The club may require a non-refundable Deposit to reserve the Club’s services.


All club services are provided after a registration and payment.

The Club adopted a casual style of clothing, according to the environment and atmosphere of the Club. While present at the fields of the Club, you must wear clothes corresponding to Golf etiquette, preference is given to specialized Golf clothes.

For gentlemen we recommend slacks, shorts of a classical cut, Polo shirts and specialized waterproof suits.

For ladies – to all of the above, you can add skirts and dresses, Polo shirts with or without any sleeve length.

Shoes should be flat, special Golf shoes are welcome.


On Golf Courses do not wear: jeans, tracksuits, shirts, shoes, swimwear, heels.

It is also forbidden to be on the territory of the Club with bare torso.

Dress standards may be waived by Club Management for special activities.


Golf events are held in accordance with the Regulations or Standard of the tournament.

Professional golfers’ accompaniment by caddies and security must be agreed with the Club.


On the Golf course you should always pay attention to the players.

Do not interfere their game with talk, unnecessary movements and unnecessary noise.

It is necessary to make sure that the electronic devices do not distract the players on the Golf Court. Very well, if such devices are turned off.


Access to the Golf Courses is strictly for playing Golf in accordance with the rules of the game.

Walking, running, riding scooters, bicycles and any other means of vehicles on the Golf Courses is strictly prohibited. Golf carts provided by the Club are an exception.

All waste should be disposed to waste bins. Do not litter the Golf course.

Players need to monitor the cleanliness of shoes, before entering the building. For Your convenience, the Club has special devices for shoe cleaning.


The use of glass containers and utensils is prohibited on the Golf courses of the club.

To talk loudly and to speak foul language is strongly discouraged. All Guests are required to communicate politely and follow the instructions of the club staff.


Children under 14 years of age are only allowed on the Golf courses if accompanied by an adult.

Each Guest assumes responsibility for personal property and is personally responsible and liable towards the Club and third parties and undertakes to refund the full cost of the part of the Club’s property that had been damaged.


It is forbidden to bring food and drinks for personal consumption to the territory (including Parking place, Club house, Golf Academy and Golf course).

A guest requiring an exception to this rule due to medical or other insurmountable reasons is obliged to obtain the appropriate permission from the Club in advance.


Pets are not allowed in the Club. Small breeds if agreed with the administration can be an exception.


Training Field’s Regulations:

Move only along walkways or dividers and at a sufficient distance from the trainee. It is strictly forbidden to come close to the players during their training. In case of any need, you should first approach the player from afar and only after a complete game stop, the person may be fully approached.

You can enter and exit the training area only by the shortest path (perpendicular) to the line of platforms or dividers.

Striking can only take place in specially designated areas, even a small deviation is important. Furthermore before striking always make sure there are no people in the possible place of landing.

While training on the Training field, you must be careful with the players next to you.

Players must direct the balls to the proposed target areas and refrain from getting their ball out of the field.

Do not overstep the line of platforms and avoid areas of possible landing goals.

Do not use and Park the Golf cart on the practice field.

The balls on the Driving Range are the property of the Club and are provided exclusively for training. Golfers are not allowed to stock up on balls for future use. Assigning them or using them on the Golf Course is prohibited.

Collecting balls on the training field is only possible when the game has completely stopped or with the help of a protection cart.

The training field or part of its area may be closed due to adverse weather conditions or grass cover.


Golf Course Regulations:

Games on the Golf Course are held in accordance with the current official version of the Rules of Golf.

Guests with a confirmed handicap are allowed to play on the playing field. In its absence it is necessary to receive it. In exceptional cases, it is possible to obtain permission from the Golf professional of the Club or to play with him.

Register at the starter before the game.

When making a swing for a hit or for a workout be sure that no one is standing near or in a place where there is a possibility of being hit by a club, ball or any stones, gravel, branches or other possible interacting objects.

It is forbidden to play until other players leave the hit zone. It is possible to play only when players ahead will be out of the reach.

Players should warn the staff nearby that the strike may be dangerous to their health.

Always stand sideways and slightly in front, at a sufficient distance from the preparing or striking player. You can not be in the area of a possible trajectory of the ball. Never stand in front of the player’s direction of impact. Do not turn your back, no matter how well the player is playing. It is necessary to take into account the presence of players on the nearby holes, as well as the training field.

Remember that the player can perform a blow to 250 meters or more.

If there is the slightest chance that your ball will hit someone, shout: ‘FORE’.

If you heard someone shout ‘FORE’ bend down and cover your head with your hands.

Golfers behind you will appreciate if you set a brisk pace.

The slower group should pass to the faster, regardless of the number of players in each group.

Always try to be aware of the game those play behind you and try not to delay other groups.

Remember that the player can perform a strike at 250 meters and wait for you, although it seems that he is far away. Be ready to stand aside and wave your hand to show the players that they can play on.

After each stroke, players should ensure that the turf was replaced with sand and thoroughly trampled. Do not perform simulation swings with damage to the turf. Each player is responsible for eliminating the pitch mark and any trace of the ball hitting the green. Always got to the bunker from behind, an exception would be when the ball is directly on it. Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints that remain after a stroke or after other players by using a rake. If you do not have a rake at hand, use the head of the stick. Players should make an effort to minimize damage to the surface of the field during the game. Be careful when placing a flagpole or stick and taking the ball out of the hole.

You cannot cause damage to the field or equipment whatever the disappointment of failure.

The number of a flight must not exceed four people.

Leave your clubs on the right side of the green as close as possible to the exit to the next tee. Try to leave the green and move to a safe distance as quickly as possible.

Players must steadily follow all signs and instructions on movement.

It is not allowed to train on the Golf course (on tees, greens or fairways).

You can only train at a Driving Range, putting green, and other training fields.

On the Golf course, all players must have a Golf bag, a set of clubs and wear appropriate shoes with spikes.

Two or more players cannot use the same set of clubs.

Players who stop or interrupt the game for a break or for any reason will have to miss all the groups playing behind them in their time.

Players who are done with front nine and move to the back nine have priority over players who are just starting the game.

The Golf courts may be closed due to adverse weather conditions or construction works.

If the game has been paid for and terminated due to weather conditions the player can mark the Rain ticket, this will allow him to play the paid game in the future. The Rain Ticket is considered to be fully played by nine holes.


Golf carts

Golf carts are a small but need thoughtful control of transportation.

Personas above 16 and with driving skills are allowed to drive the vehicle.

The club can cancel the movement of Golf carts on the grass due to bad weather or agricultural activities.

Each Golf cart is designed for two players.

However, if a player wishes to take a car only for himself, an additional Golf car may be provided with the permission of the Club.

During the movement of the cart, passengers are only required to sit.

Golf carts are only used on the Golf Course for playing and cannot be used for other purposes.

You must take into account all comments of the staff of the Club, signs, directions, bollards, ropes and other indicative signs used to regulate and determine the direction of movement of the cars, followed by everyone without exception, signs prohibiting and restricting the use of cars in certain areas.

Movement along the paths is always a prior, while exiting to the rough cross the line under straight angles.

Do not approach closer than 15 meters: boundaries of tee, sites, greens, bunkers, water obstacles and areas with damaged or potentially dangerous surfaces.

Never cross obstacles (tall grass, bunkers, repaired areas, planting areas of young plants and pristine environment) or damaged areas of the field.

Never drive through random water in any part of the Golf Course.

Be attentive while driving, Golf cart wheels can cause serious damage to the lawn, leaving ruts in wet areas.

If there is an urgent need to leave  the field (left stick, physical need), pay attention to golfers on the field. If someone is doing a swing or a putt, slow down and stop the car until the player completes the blow.

Some Golf carts are equipped with a sound signal when moving back, so be attentive to golfers and do not distract them with external noise.

Use common sense when driving a Golf cart.

Be especially careful in dangerous areas like bridges, sharp turns, intersections and places of narrowing.

The club can take individual action when using a Golf cart for medical reasons.

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